just vids and stuff that i like. Enjoy!!!



im not even thirsty blogging im just generally elated by folks that can grow good hearty beards and dicks are nice too though dont get me wrong but mostly i want to cuddle and touch their beard 


i just..

guys make me so happy but so sad because the universe makes them so pretty but puts them so far away from me

Anonymous asked
By way of this email, I am requesting that you remove all pictures, videos, profiles, and any other reference possible of Serge Henir. The presence of this information has caused him significant personal loss, and social persecution in Russia. Serge Henir is a friend of mine, and has ask me to contact you on his behalf. He would greatly appreciate

If you would direct me to the pictures/videos, I will gladly remove hem for you


Helping My Brother Paint his New Apt.!